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Nisyonot: Turning Life’s Tests into Spiritual Growth
Leaders: Avi Fertig and Alan Morinis

Life is a series of spiritual tests, one thing after another.

If it’s not a strained relationship, it is a financial crisis. The demands of raising our children in a modern world compete with the needs of aging parents. Or it’s health issues. Or work challenges. The list never ends. As Alan likes to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s five others.”

In the perspective of the Mussar tradition, this is just how life is and how it was set up to be. We have no choice about that. Where we do have choices is whether we see the constant testing as an unfortunate burden, or do we see it as the opportunity to actualize our potential and to grow spiritually?

How can we learn to live life with this perspective? How can we turn life’s tests into opportunities for spiritual growth?

Do not miss this opportunity to study the wisdom of our tradition and discover how to turn life’s tests into opportunities for growth.

    • Webinar 1: Release: Sunday, June 2
    • Webinar 2: Release: Sunday, June 16
    • Webinar 3: Live: Sunday, June 30



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Webinar #2: Visualization & Contemplation with Chasya Uriel-Steinbauer.

Webinar #3: The Art of Internalizing through Mussar Chanting with Chaim Safren.

Webinar #4: Calming the Storm through Mussar Yoga: Experiencing Equanimity and Trust in the Body with Edith Raphael Brotman.

Webinar #5 Journaling or CheshboHaNafesh/Soul Accounting with Rabbi David Jaffe.

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