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TMI Europe is proud to announce the publication of a children’s book on Mussar.

The Marbles and the Crown

by Marga Vogel and Michelle Princenthal

A Mussar-based fairy tale connecting important life lessons to Judaism and soul-traits (middot). Parents, grandparents, and educators will find guided discussions to provide an opportunity to connect children to Jewish wisdom and values.

When Wise Tree sends Ruben and Rivka on a journey in search of a special bottle and asks them to fill it with 10 unique marbles they are in for an adventure. Along the way, they must speak to the looking glass (their inner selves), face challenges from Rara Rattlesnake (the evil inclination), and gain guidance from Butterfly Fairy (the good inclination.) Will the children decide to follow the direction of Rara Rattlesnake or Butterfly Fairy? When Ruben and Rivka succeed in their task they are amply rewarded, but their most valuable reward is the insight they gained along the way.


Mussar Groups Meeting in Europe and Australia

There are three va’adot in The Netherlands, two of them in the Amsterdam area and one in Almere. Hana Fischer, formerly of the Netherlands, now of Australia, is available for presentations in the Melbourne area.

For more information, please contact Marga or Henri Vogel:  [email protected]