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Our Community is responding to the crisis with wisdom from Mussar Masters and practical action as we donate to local food banks.


Pandemics: Then and Now from Founder, Alan Morinis

Crisis through My Mussar Lens from Rabbi Avi Fertig

Pandemic as a Teacher from Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Desperately Seeking Seder from Rabbi Eric Gurvis



Pandemics: Then and Now from Alan Morinis

Crisis through My Mussar Lens, from Avi Fertig

Pandemic as a Teacher, from Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Desperately Seeking Seder from Rabbi Eric Gurvis



Alan Morinis’ Webinar: Video

Avi Fertig Webinar: Video

Avi Fertig Webinar: Audio

Rabbi Amy Eilberg Webinar: Audio

Eric Gurvis Webinar: Video

Eric Gurvis Webinar: Audio



Bitachon 1 from Alan Morinis

Bitachon 2 from Alan Morinis 

Bitachon 3 from Alan Morinis

Bitachon 4 from Alan Morinis


Our Chaverim (Sustaining Members) are invited to join four online discussions on the following schedule.

      • Mar 25, 8:00 PM ET
      • Mar 29, 3:00 PM ET
      • Apr 1, 8:00 PM ET
      • Apr 5, 3:00 PM ET

If you would like to join in on the discussions, we invite you to become a Chaver or Chavera.


We at The Mussar Institute are encouraging our community to support your local Jewish food bank, sometimes called food pantry, and if there is not such an organization in your area, then the community food bank, which exists almost everywhere. The people who count on food banks are the most vulnerable members of society, who are the people who will feel the enormous economic impact of the pandemic most directly, to the point of being unable to put food on the table.

According to your ability and the local need, you can donate money, volunteer, drive, make phone calls, and the like. We urge you to walk in Rabbi Yisrael’s footsteps by making contact with the local food bank to discuss what they need that you might be able to offer. Or doing what is appropriate to you in your situation to reach out to help others.

And we urge you to do these things with the clear recognition that doing so is spiritual practice. Any image you may be carrying around of a holy person as being somehow so refined and rarified that this person is set apart, almost like a different species, floating about this ordinary world, is not accurate. Holiness is actually much more mundane and attainable than that, which, on reflection, is as it must be since the Torah puts the demand for holiness on all of us.

Whenever you put self-interest aside and serve the needs of others without ego, you have entered the realm of the holy.

– Alan Morinis, 2020