Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.


The Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah promotes and supports “Living Torah” — Judaism as a powerful, evolving wellspring of wisdom and sensibilities that enriches people’s lives and helps to create a better world. We are also continuing the Lippman Kanfer family’s commitment to strengthening the ecosystem for innovation and the pursuit of justice in the Jewish community.






John Templeton Foundation - MussarThe Mussar Institute received a three-year grant from The John Templeton Foundation for Scaling Up a Compelling Mussar-Based Teen Curriculum. Our challenge was to create a scalable, compelling Mussar-based curriculum for 12-16-year-olds and to measure the cognitive and behavioral impacts on teens and facilitators. We are currently working with 12 Hebrew High Schools, 12 Jewish summer camps, and 12 Jewish youth groups.


Our goals include, through a year-long curriculum: teens will gain knowledge of middot, engage in Mussar practices, develop those skills and thereby become more resilient in the face of stressors and will act intentionally with these eight middot: Humility, Honor, Envy, Responsibility, Trust, Gratitude, Patience and Lovingkindness.